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Frequent Questions

What is a DTC code?

A DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) is a code that is stored by a vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system when a problem is detected. These codes can be read using a diagnostic tool, such as a scan tool or code reader, and can help diagnose problems with a vehicle’s systems.

How do I clear DTC codes?

You will need to use a diagnostic tool, such as a scan tool or code reader, to clear DTC codes. These tools allow you to access the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system and clear any stored codes. It’s important to note that clearing DTC codes will not fix the underlying problem, and the codes may reappear if the problem is not addressed.

Can DTC codes be caused by a faulty sensor?

Yes, DTC codes can be caused by a faulty sensor. Sensors are used to monitor various systems in a vehicle, and if a sensor is not functioning properly, it can trigger a DTC code. Common sensors that can cause DTC codes include oxygen sensors, mass airflow sensors, and throttle position sensors.